Friday, August 9, 2013

Alive but not living

“Emotions are a sign of weakness”
So I live on in denial
And don’t express what is actually important.

“Romance is cheesy”
So I live my morbid life
And don’t take a single moment to appreciate what I have.

“Ideas are stupid”
So you and I go to coffee shops
While all I really want is just a walk in the park.

“Silence is boring”
So I talk and tell tales of my own design
While all I really want is to sit back and just be with you.

“Excitement is dangerous”
So I live in fear every single day.

I am alive; but am I living?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Divine Light

Rainbow from an airplane window

"I don't see the light, friend;
I don't see the light.
I have traveled far and near,
but all I see is the night."

"My sympathies, my dear;
but where all did you go?
What light is this you seek?
You must first let me know."

"I went to the village,
I went to the town.
I am looking for the light,
to wipe off my frown.

I have heard of a light,
a light so divine.
it fills the heart with hope
and makes the eyes shine.

Trust me my friend,
Every new day is the worst.
I am looking for the light,
that will quench my thirst."

"Oh my dear beloved!
you must yourself repair.
there is no one but you,
who can cure your despair.

why agitated you seem?
close your eyes and keep calm.
Life's troubles come and go
there exists no magic balm."

"Your words are wise,
but you don't comprehend
This light I seek,
must be found my friend.

Purer than hearts,
and brighter than stars
it shines upon the mind
and erases the scars.

No more shall i writhe,
in pain when I sleep;
or dream about swirling,
in oceans so deep.

Help me my lord,
for I am all alone.
and I have exhausted
all my skin and bone."

"You traveled far and near,
to look for this heavenly light.
ever wonder how could it stay hidden,
if it shines so bright?

The light finds darkness,
everywhere it goes.
it is the one to destroy it,
even if it doesn't know.

You looked far and wide
but never found anything true
now consider this old friend,
could the light be in you?"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest Post: Did I say 10 different countries? (Part 1)

-by Neeraj Sachdeva

“Did I say 10 different countries?” I asked
“Yes, now do you want to answer my question or not?”
“What was your question?” No wonder he was getting angry.
“What. Have. You. Learnt. On. Your. Travels.?”
“Oh yea...that! Well let's see. First, I went to Sweden. People always say that Sweden is full of nearly-homosexual guys and dumb blondes. Well, there are some assumptions and a whole lot of Mexican rumors in that”

“So you have been to Mexico?”

“It is my story, so sit down and shut your trap. And no; I have never been to Mexico.”


"Ready? Here we go."

1. Sweden:

Now, not all Swedish girls are blonde (I prefer blondes), so what people assume is partly true. As for the guys, well, I just don’t know...They dress well, maybe too well. Sweden is a cold country, and Swedes have always been at the fore-front of fashion in Scandinavia. Anything from America first lands on Swedish shores, and they gobble up latest issues of Vogue with great aplomb. When I travelled to Sweden, I had a certain female companion; so obviously I had no time or enthusiasm to mingle with Swedish women. Or so I thought.

Landing on the shores of Sweden, along with pristine Vogue magazines made me realize that Sweden was a beautiful country, even when covered in 3 feet of snow. But I was scared. You put a 5ft-something guy in a country where he could accidently step in snow that is half his size; you bet he’d be scared. What distracted me were the malls and women. There were plenty of both going around. Swedish shoppers are famous for their expensive purchases, though recession must have dented their wallets. Still living on student expenses, I and the aforementioned female companion managed to convince a pub-owner to give us a bottle of white wine. You have no idea how magical snow, wine and a warm fireplace can be!

So, if 3 feet of snow doesn’t scare you, and you like beautiful women, go to Sweden. It still is lovely, I have been told.

2. Netherlands:

“Feeling cold? Want some weed?”
This is what a homeless guy asked me on my first night in Amsterdam. Fortunately, that was the only time I was offered weed by a stranger. Unfortunately, 14 other times, I was offered Cocaine. One guy even came up to me, tugged my shirt and offered me Cocaina, Spanish for Cocaine. I curtly declined.
Well, this is the interesting thing about Amsterdam, and partly the reason why most tourists go there – for the weed, the legal fix that can get you as high as a kite. 
Now, I didn’t go to Amsterdam for weed, neither for prostitution, which is also legal there. Have you ever been to a bookstore? That is how prostitutes line up in ‘dam, only, they don’t stand close to each other – it is a competition after all. I went to Amsterdam because my trip to Tenerife got cancelled. So I got invited by my cousin who lives in Hague, and I thought I’d meet some rastafaris while I was in Netherlands, so I visited Amsterdam too. It was an enlightening trip. Not enlightening because I smoked a lot, but because I truly discovered myself, saw myself in a new light. Oh, I didn’t go for the cocaine, just didn’t have the nose for it!

3. England:

Plain-old, bland-food, fish and chips, Eurovision suckers England.
I spent 7 years there, most of the time spent holed up in my room trying to dominate English premier league as a Football Manager. Sad days, but there were some upsides. People in England are very cool, mostly. I mean they won’t stop on the street to talk with you, but if you stop them, they will definitely smile. Beware of the pretty girls with clipboards – they collect your card details and not your phone numbers. I have been fooled once or twice. Maybe thrice.
People in England often seem busy, rushing off to some distant place. Considering England is just a small island, I often wonder how far they will get. The architecture in some of the old towns of England is breathtaking. The countryside in south of England is beautiful, plus there are lot of drag races in that part of the country. London is class apart, one of the many European cities that draw in the tourists. Don’t go for the royalty though, they are not THAT cool.

4. Scotland:

Edinburgh is a nice place, full of Victorian architecture, beautiful parks and strong Scottish accent. I had the opportunity to enjoy the local scenery of Edinburgh. However, the trip – under 3 days – was way too short to appreciate all Edinburgh had to offer. Some parts of a recent ‘crap-fest’ called Mausam, produced in Bollywood was shot in Edinburgh. Nostalgia kicks in and I can remember the beauty of the grand city. Locals enjoy eating a dish called Haggis – a savory pudding cooked in casing of sheep’s intestines. Yuck! No thank you!
There is a lot more to Scotland than we had time to discover. If you can get past the accent and the smell of Haggis, you will love the city. I know I did.

5. France:

No such list is ever complete without mention of France, particularly Paris. The closest capital to where I lived in England, and I could only manage one night in Paris (by which I am not alluding to Paris Hilton).
Visit Ile Saint Louis in Paris (the Island of Saint Louis). Some consider it to the most romantic point of Paris. You can relax with a loved one on the island in the middle of river Siene, enjoying picturesque beauty of Paris along with tourist boats that slowly pass you by. Paris was serene, a perfect blend of art, culture and romance.
Paris is known for its delicacies, the snakes, and frogs; so don’t eat food that you can get anywhere else in the world. If you like culture, romance, art and just good weather, enjoy Paris. One warning though, the traffic there is terrible, avoid it at all costs. Also, learn French. People there don’t like English-speakers, which just happens to be most of the world!

Neeraj Sachdeva is a psychology-motivated blogger who writes about Freelancing and Self-Improvement, often together. Check out his latest post (and Free Quiz) on Motivational Goal Seeking. You can find his take on The Art of Persuasion as well as his logic-driven post on The Essence of Friendship over at The Next Goal, part of WBB Survivor Contest.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Post: Make Love, Not Chants

Make love, not chants
by Neeraj Sachdeva

Here comes the season for romancing,
Warm tea, hot cakes and morning chanting
One makes you sleep snugly at night
The other wakes you up before morning light.

The rousing rapture raves the beads of ecstasy
On the glowing skin, soft and bouncy
There’s more to be said about nightly jubilations
Than morning trepidation and evening tribulations.

So she chants his name, in a verse of five,
For when she says his name, she feels alive
What’s livelier than a morning chant
A sugary cake or nightly romance?

See, when you reach a certain age,
Each tribulation is another stage
Of energy draining and mojo waning
So chanting is new daily training.

But as we roll out the quilts this season,
Forget the quilt and grab another reason
To snug and stay warm this cold,
For summer’s far, don’t wait till you’re old.

Neeraj Sachdeva is a psychology-motivated blogger who writes about Freelancing and Self-Improvement, often together. Check out his latest post (and Free Quiz) on Motivational Goal Seeking. You can find his take on The Art of Persuasion as well as his logic-driven post on The Essence of Friendship over at The Next Goal, part of WBB Survivor Contest. He writes poetry to amuse his audience (and woo his women!) ;)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Pretty Mask

Hey! Wake up, pick out your clothes,
And pass your day the way They want.
Pass your day, the way They say,
It’s time to put on your pretty mask.

No! Don't look at that guy, sketching in the park.
Don't you know, They consider him 'weird'?
There’s just the one way to 'happiness',
Don’t ever give up your pretty mask.

Laugh, even when it’s not funny,
Smile, even if it is too damn hard.
Blend in or They will see and attack,
Don’t ever give up your pretty mask.

It matters not what you really want,
and what you feel is not a concern.
It's what They think that really matters, 
Don’t ever give up your pretty mask.

And comes the night after the long day,
Now you may cry and wash your face.
There is no one around to see you now,
For now, you can pull off the mask.

But look, here goes the dark night,
and the sun declares it a new day.
Soon you have to go step out in the light,
Time to put on the heavy, pretty mask, again.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Open up your senses

Why do we need spotlights on beauty to appreciate it?
Open up your senses.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reblogged: Letters between lovers (The things we leave unsaid)


Letters Between Lovers
(The Things We Leave Unsaid)

By Ashley Shaw

It is sunny here,
But not as warm as expected.
Dusty yellow rays bounce off
The shiny red paint
On my car,
But I still shiver.
I never realized how
Cold it could be
In Florida

I, too, am cold.
But for a different reason.
I miss you.
I wish you would come home.
I can still hear your tentative footsteps
Walking through our bedroom.
It still smells like gardenia,
Even though all of the flowers
Have died.
It is brisk here.

Yes, I am aware of your brisk temperatures.
Like the cold tone of your letter.
I made it to the beach today
And let my toes drift lazily
Against the water's edge.
I wore my black bikini.
The one we picked out together
In one of those little stores on the
Jersey boardwalk.
I caught men staring at my
Rounded bottom.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
I chased the seagulls
Into the foaming surf.
It's so beautiful here.
But I still long for home.
I hope you are keeping occupied.

I am keeping busy.
To distract myself from
Thoughts of your hair
And toes and skin and shoulders
And scent.
I feel your ghost in each
Breath I take, and
I keep thinking I see you
Out of the corner of my eye,
Your lips stretched into a smile.
It was so rare to see you smile
During the past few months.
I wish you were here.
Yes, I'm very busy.

I'm having my lawyer send up the papers.
Please sign them at your earliest convenience.
Why couldn't you just talk to me?
We could have resolved this.
I'm sorry it worked out this way.
Why didn't you just
Love me?

The papers are signed.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could have fixed this,
But I know
I could never be what you need.
I wish I could tell you
How much I love you,
How much I long for you,
How late I stay awake each night
Just thinking of your eyes,
But some things are
Better left

- - -I am a twenty-one year old student at Arcadia University. I have many strange phobias (including peanut-butter), but writing is not one of them. So this is one of my first attempts to get my work published. Thank you for any and all consideration.